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Toilet Twinning 

26 Jan 2021

Never mind spending a penny....... 

I first came across this concept when I saw the photographs at the entrance to my local church. They had some framed photos proudly on display giving details of the two toilets that had been twinned by the church organisations. This inspired me to find out more about something we take very much for granted, Loo. So, I decided to explore this subject in a little more detail. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the group behind this was none other than Tearfund, an organisation I already knew of. So, I was confident that any money sent to them would be well used .This was indeed a worthwhile charitable cause for Cherry Tree products to be involved in. So, the first of the good causes that will receive some of your money. I emphasise your because you guys have helped to fund this by means of your purchases. As you know part of the philosophy of my business is to give back a proportion of profits to good causes. This is the bit that inspired me  

Without proper toilets and clean water, people are trapped in a vicious cycle: 

  • They’re likely to become sick through sanitation-related diseases 
  • Illness means they cannot work or farm their land, so they earn less or grow less food 
  • Children often miss school, because they are sick or because they’re busy collecting water 
  • Girls often drop out of school altogether when they start their periods if there are no toilets or changing rooms 
  • Parents have to pay for medicines or food, so they may fall into debt 
  • Women and girls risk being attacked or bitten by snakes as they go to the toilet in the open, especially if the culture dictates that they have to go out at night 

Water and sanitation projects enable families to build a toilet, have access to clean water, and to learn about handwashing and other hygiene principles. 

Dignity is restored when the whole family can use a private, hygienic toilet at their home and no longer have to squat in the bush.’(Extracted from Toilet Twinning webpage). 

So in a few weeks Cherry Tree Products will have a twinned toilet. Ill post the photographs as soon as they arrive.. 1 Feb2021

11 Feb 2021

With your help we have gifted 6 Chickens to a family requiring support.

March 2020

With your help we managed to raise £50 for our local St Vincent De Paul Group.